Expert Consultants

Peter D. Friedmann, MD, MPH; Associate Professor of Medicine & Community Health, Brown Medical
School; Providence, Rhode Island

Dr. Friedmann is a primary care physician, ASAM-certified addictionist, and substance abuse researcher. He is
a nationally recognized expert on screening for substance use disorders in medical settings, the organization
of care for patients with addictive disorders, and the role of the primary care physician in the diagnosis and
treatment of substance problems. He has given several invited presentations on buprenorphine in primary care
and on substance abuse treatment and primary care in general. He was also co-director of ASAM's
buprenorphine training course, and is a member of ASAM's Buprenorphine Training Subcommittee.

Colleen T. LaBelle, RN; Nurse Manager of Office-Based Opioid Treatment Program, Boston Medical
Center; Boston, MA

Ms. LaBelle currently serves as nurse manager of office based opioid treatment with buprenorphine and
methadone maintenance in a large inner city hospital setting. She has been actively involved in ASAM
trainings on buprenorphine, as well as providing extended statewide (Massachusetts) support to providers and
facilities through trainings, lectures, and program development for buprenorphine. She has served as a section
member on NIDA review committee as well as a committee member of the National Advisory Committee for

Elinore F. McCance-Katz, MD, PhD; Professor of Psychiatry and Chair, Division of Addiction
Psychiatry, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center; Richmond, Virginia

Dr. McCance-Katz's specialty is addiction psychiatry. She is the recipient of numerous NIDA grants, is an
editor or ad-hoc editor for many journals, and is vice president of the American Academy of Addiction
Psychiatry. Since 2001, she has chaired the Buprenorphine Treatment Committee for the American Academy
of Addiction Psychiatry (AAAP). She is involved in buprenorphine education, including several invited
presentations and five SAMHSA/AAAP presentations on buprenorphine in which she was both course director
and a faculty member. Further, she was involved in field testing of CSAT's buprenorphine practice guidelines.
Dr. McCance-Katz is currently conducting research to optimize concurrent medication with HAART and

Edwin A. Salsitz, MD, FASAM; Medical Director, Office-Based Opioid Therapy, Beth Israel Medical
Center; New York, NY

Dr. Salsitz is currently the Medical Director of a large office-based opioid treatment center at Beth Israel
Medical Center. He also treats substance abuse patients at a private practice and is an ASAM-certified
addiction medicine specialist. He has worked with opioid dependent patients for over 20 years at a novel
officebased methadone maintenance clinic, and has been prescribing buprenorphine since it was approved by
the FDA. Additionally, Dr. Salsitz is highly involved with buprenorphine education as he is an Course Director
for ASAM buprenorphine trainings and serves as a mentor in the Physician Clinical Support Services program,
a program designed to help physicians incorporate buprenorphine treatment into their practices.