Can providers begin immediately treating patients if they have checked "Immediate" on the waiver notification form?

According to the SAMHSA website, "A place to check "Immediate" is included on the form to address a provision in the Drug Addiction Treatment Act to permit treatment while a notification is under review. Checking "Immediate" is only one of three requirements that a provider must meet in order to start a patient on treatment, and treatment is limited to ONE patient per form submitted. (Each form must have a different submission date.)The three requirements are that, first, the provider must "in good faith” meet the criteria for obtaining a waiver (i.e., valid medical license, valid DEA registration, credentialing, or 8 hours of qualifying training). Second, the provider must check "Immediate" on the waiver. Third, the provider must contact the Buprenorphine Information Center at 1-866-BUP-CSAT to verify that the notification form has been received and to notify CSAT of his/her intent to begin treating ONE patient. Since the provider will not have the unique identifying number, pharmacists may question prescriptions received under this provision. Pharmacists may contact the Buprenorphine Information Center if additional information is needed."