How is a module marked as complete?

A module will be marked in your transcript as complete when you have viewed all pages in the module. If you are missing a page, it will not be counted as complete.

Typically the missing page is the resources or references at the bottom of the list. If you progress through using the next button at the bottom right of the pages it should direct you through the Module Resources, then References. On the Reference page's left menu, the green progress bar will show a "Module Complete!" above it, with a button at the top of the References page to "Return to the Activity Homepage."

Occasionally, the module completion reporting from the activity home page takes a few minutes to update. If this should happen, please log out, and re-login, then access the activity homepage.

Additionally, you may also keep up with progress via your transcript, accessible from your activity homepage, via the button on the right-hand side of the screen titled, "View My Progress in This Activity".