Commonly Used CPT Codes for Buprenorphine Treatment - Psychiatrists

For psychiatrists, CPT codes for buprenorphine treatment are time-based. As of January 1, 2013, several code changes and adaptations were made:

  • The time for each psychotherapy code is now described as being as time spent with the patient and/or family member, whereas previously it was only measured by time spent face-to-face with a patient.
  • There are no longer separate codes for interactive psychotherapy. Instead there is an add-on code for interactive complexity, which may be used when the patient encounter is made more complex by the need to involve people other than the patient (90785).
  • There is no distinction made by setting, psychotherapy codes are now applied to all settings.
  • A code was created for "Psychotherapy for crisis" (CPT code: 90839, +90840), effective January 1, 2013.

Please refer to the table below for current CPT codes for the most common psychiatric services.

The most commonly used CPT codes by Psychiatrists are as follows:

Type of Visit Service Code Report with interactivity complexity
Assessment Visit:
Psychiatric diagnostic interview exam. Includes history, mental status, and disposition assessments, and may also include labs.

Diagnostic evaluation (no medical)

90791 When appropriate

Diagnostic evaluation with medical


Used for induction and/or with an established patient.
- 99251-55 -
Maintenance Visits:

For use in all settings with patient or family (with no medical evaluation and management)


30 (16-37*) min

90832 When appropriate

45 (38-52*) min


60 (53+*) min


Maintenance Visits:

For use in all settings with patient or family (with medical evaluation and management)  

E/M plus psychotherapy (E/M code- select using key components, not time) and one of these add-ons:

30 (16-37*) min

+90833 When appropriate

45 (38-52*) min


60 (53+*) min


Group Therapy:
Includes outpatient buprenorphine services provided within an Intensive Outpatient Services program. (code for group psychotherapy remains the same, but now includes interactive group psychotherapy as well)
Group psychotherapy 90853 No

*Per CPT Time Rule

The Group Therapy code is an appropriate code to use when buprenorphine treatment is provided in an Intensive Outpatient Services program.