Complete these final steps and you are ready to prescribe buprenorphine! You may wish to print this page to use as a guide.

  • Complete and submit your waiver form to CSAT; wait to receive approval before starting to prescribe.
  • Assemble a list of psychosocial treatment providers and therapists in your local area.
  • Determine which laboratory you will use for buprenorphine lab work.
  • Talk to local several pharmacies to verify that they stock buprenorphine; prepare a pharmacy consent form.
  • Locate another buprenorphine prescriber in your area or sign up for a mentor on the PCSS website.
  • Establish billing and recordkeeping procedures, train your staff, and prepare patient education materials.
  • Your clinical staff can assist with much of the induction process, including intake screening, withdrawal assessment, and patient education. Explain each staff member's role to your patients so they know who to approach for help if there is a problem.
  • Prescription refills should be given in small amounts during the few few weeks of treatment so that the patient can be monitored. The prescription size can be increased as the patient is successfully maintained over time.
  • Develop an initial phone contact protocol