Privacy Policy

Users of should be aware the DATA 2000 Buprenorphine Waiver Training program is provided in partnership with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). ASAM has access on request to all user data in order to comply with their certification of training and sponsorship/review needs.

Every week, the names/address/email/completion date/credit hours for completed users of the waiver training program is supplied to ASAM, and CSAT/SAMHSA and designated representatives of SAMHSA in order to facilitate processing of waiver requests.

Information on user participation, completion and on the user from the BupPractice DATA 2000 waiver training may be provided to the DEA and the DOJ if individuals representing those organizations request the information for appropriate uses.

Unless noted on the individual website, In all other circumstances and for all Clinical Tools' sites, the general policies are:

  • The only information this site obtains about individual visitors is information that is supplied voluntarily by those visitors.

  • In cases when the site may need personal information to provide visitors with services tailored especially for them, or to inform them about new features or services, visitors are asked explicitly for that information.

  • All identifiable information provided by members (name, e-mail, or home address) will not be disclosed to anyone unless members specifically request the site to do so, and unless the user is a member of a group where the group has purchased the training for the individual. In that case, we will release coupon use data and activity completion information to the primary purchaser of the coupon.

  • Only statistical information of our members as a group (usage habits, demographics) is published.

  • Organizations that have purchased online training activities for their staff or students may require that additional information be provided to the group. We will tell the user that information is being provided to the purchase organization.

  • We employ strict security measures to safeguard online transactions; personal information is stored in a secured database.

  • We do not keep any credit card information - all information is processed through https via Paypal.

  • On some sites, we work with a third party that serves ads.

  • The site allows its users to enter an e-mail address so that a page of the site can be sent to that address. We do not store that address or reuse it in any way. The e-mail that is sent makes it clear that we initiated the e-mail and that the address was provided by a third party. Other than the above, we do not send e-mail to users unless they specifically request to receive e-mail related to a specific message, topic, or the site in general.

  • Our servers store the unique IP Address of all computers that interact with those servers. If requested, this number can be used to identify a computer that made a specific request.

  • Clinical Tools, Inc., does not store cookies of any type in your computer.

  • This policy may be changed by Clinical Tools, Inc., and any changes will be noted on our websites.