How-To Guide: Next Steps: Get Started Prescribing Buprenorphine!

Read this AFTER you have completed the Buprenorphine Training Program

Buprenorphine PrescriberCongratulations! Upon completing our online buprenorphine training activity, you are finally (almost) eligible to start prescribing buprenorphine. However, you must complete a few more steps before you write that first prescription. This guide will advise you on the following:
  • Obtaining a waiver to prescribe buprenorphine
  • Establishing a relationship with
    1. mental health professionals,
    2. laboratories, and
    3. pharmacies
  • Locating an experienced buprenorphine prescriber for consultation
  • Staff responsibilities during induction
  • Guidelines for prescriptions and medication refills
  • Summary: Putting it all together

Plus resources on each page with additional tips and tools!

Written by Clinical Tools, Inc.

Reviewed by experts in buprenorphine treatment

Publication updated: November 2011. Updated December 2013.
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