User's Guide to the BupPractice Program

Doctor speaking to a patient

Thank you for considering the BupPractice Program!

The purpose of the buprenorphine training program is to help educate physicians about buprenorphine treatment so that they can become waivered to prescribe buprenorphine.

Start prescribing buprenorphine for your patients with opioid addiction!

Some features of this online program include:

  • 8 hour training program meets the training requirement of DATA 2000
  • Up to 9 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit (TM) available for physicians
  • $199/physician (group rates available)
  • All Internet-based, available 24/7
  • Development solely funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and your program fee; no industry support.

Did You know?:
  • Completions: We have over 5,016 total physician completions of our training program (2006-April 2014).
  • High Post-training satisfaction: In a 2013 February-March post-training survey, 100% of providers (N=90) would recommend our training program to colleagues.
  • High Follow-up training satisfaction: 47 providers completed a November 2012 - April 2013 followup survey (sent to users 1 month after completion of our online training program). All providers (100%) indicated on the survey they would recommend our program to a colleague.
What are recent users saying?

"This is one of the best introductory courses on a new subject I have ever encountered. It presents the material in a concise and logical manner. Important points are repeated to reinforce comprehension and retention. I feel so much more prepared to offer OBOT using buprenorphine at this point." Allergist/Internist from Nashville (2/22/2014)

"All physicians should undergo this course and be trained on opioid addiction. It helped me understand the extreme need for compassion and the need to help a lot of people on pain meds. Most doctors I know view all patients on narcotics as addicts and are being mistreated. This course should help physicians understand their patients better and help them with their physical and or mental problems." DuBois, PA (3/18/2014)

"This training was outstanding. I am a solo private practice physician in family medicine and was considering adding buprenorphine treatment to my practice. Was unsure of myself initially but after completing this course I feel very confident and will definitely be adding buprenorphine treatment to my practice. Would highly recommend this course to anyone considering opioid addiction treatment." (3/9/2014)

Click through the following user guide to see topics covered, sample pages taken directly from our program and an overview of the steps you need to complete.

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