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Addiction Treatment
Outpatient Buprenorphine Treatment (Suboxone)
Pain Management
Individual Counseling
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Suboxone Maintenance- Chronic Pain Management- Transitioning Off /Taper Oxycontin-- IV Heroin Addiction Treatment Referrals to Inpatient Treatment made.
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We are a progressive, patient-centered outpatient opioid treatment center that delivers the best outpatient personalized care available utilizing Suboxone. Our patient-centered care puts the focus on each special individual. Our practice is a smaller practice where the focus is on you the patient. Dr. Famiglio is uniquely qualified to treat the addicted patient and he becomes your "Coach in the Recovery Arena". He is Board certified in Addiction Medicine and Anesthesiology. Dr. Famiglio is the Medical Director at St. Joseph Institute--a holistic and spiritual Residential Treatment Facility in Port Matilda, PA. He also serves as a Consultant in Pain Management. Dr. Famiglio also serves as the Medical Director at Mt. Laurel Recovery Center in Westfield, PA. Mt. Laurel is an internationally recognized private and exclusive drug and alcohol treatment center and detoxification program. Our 90 day rehab transitional living facility complements the Detox and Residential Facility. It is situated on a 25 acre estate, with rolling hills and spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Dr. Famiglio retired as the Medical Director of SCI-Muncy the woman's state prison after eight years. Dr. Famiglio is an expert on weaning chronic pain patients off prescription pain meds and onto a more stable alternative in order to taper effectively. He directs the Pain Recovery Center. He uses other less addicting, holistic methods to allow patients to return their lives to normal. Drs. Famiglio & Landsberg specialize in the pregnant addict....they are welcome where most clinics turn them away. Dr. Famiglio also accepts selected alcoholic patients for outpatient detox. Family Recovery Solutions prefers all of its patients off other mood altering chemicals and will never prescribe benzos or amphetamines to its patients. Currently we are avoiding taking patients asking for the mono product-buprenorphine (Subutex) unless you are pregnant or having a true documented allergy to naloxone. If you insist on continuing on/or seeking these meds this is not the clinic for you....don't ask. We look out for and exclude the patient who appears to be diverting meds for financial reward and will cooperate with police authorities when patients deal drugs. Dr. Famiglio has nearly thirty years of experience in medicine. His team of physicians collectively has nearly 250 years of medical experience. As partners in your well-being, we share the common goals of maintaining or improving your health and recovery skills. While our team of physicians may be experts in a variety of medical specialties, we consider you to be the expert regarding your specific needs and values. Our team will work together to nurture your mind, body, and soul. UNITED STATES VETERANS ARE WELCOMED OPENLY AND ENCOURAGED TO VISIT! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Maintenance treatment with buprenorphine is more effective than short-term buprenorphine treatment followed by medication tapering. A recent study examined use of buprenorphine to treat patients dependent on prescription opioids. The study compared use of a buprenorphine taper (6 weeks stabilization plus a 3-week taper) with ongoing buprenorphine maintenance and found that maintenance was superior to tapering in both patient retention and rate of relapse to opioid use. Earlier, Weiss et al found that patients being treated for prescription opioid dependence were most successful at reducing opioid use while receiving buprenorphine (with naloxone) treatment. Even after 12 weeks of medication treatment with concurrent counseling, tapering was associated with very high relapse rates (higher than 90 percent, 8 weeks post-taper). Studies have also assessed the efficacy of treatment with buprenorphine products in primary care settings and have found that buprenorphine can be safely and effectively used in these settings. One characteristic of buprenorphine, a partial mu opioid agonist, is that it is safer than full agonists (e.g., methadone) because of its relatively poor bioavailability and its ceiling effect. The ceiling effect means that as the buprenorphine dose increases, its effects (including respiratory depression) increase but only to a point. A plateau is reached at moderate doses, meaning the effects no longer increase even as the dose is increased. This ceiling effect also means that buprenorphine carries a lower risk of misuse, dependence, and side effects than full agonists. However, there is still some risk of overdose, particularly if the patient concurrently uses another opioid, benzodiazepines, alcohol, sedatives, or certain medications that interact with buprenorphine.
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Addiction Medicine
General Practice
Noninvasive Pain Management
Adult Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology
Pediatric Anesthesiology
Medical School: 
Thomas Jefferson Medical School
Harvard Medical School
Georgetown University
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Diplomate - American Board of Addiction Medicine
American Board of Anesthesiology
Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine
Medical Director at St. Joseph Institute
Medical Director of Seabrook House West
Medical Director of Summit Behavioral Health - Westfield Facility
Director of FRS Forensic and Legal Consultants
Previous Medical Director of State College Medical Methadone Facility
Previous Medical Director SCI Muncy

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Family Recovery Solutions
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570.505.3180 / 570.560.4782 hotline
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Sun: Closed
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Sat: Closed
NO WALK INS; Appointments for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:30 AM- 5 PM every four weeks for Dr. Maturani; additional hours by appointment on certain Saturdays.
Other doctors in practice: 
Dr. Marc Landsberg, MD OB/Gyn- Women's Health Specialist
Dr. Frank Daly, MD Psychiatry & Internal Medicine
Dr. Larry Marturani, MD Internal Medicine / Hospitalist
Dr. Ralph Roger Barnard, MD Internal Medicine / ER
Dr. Xiaping Xie, MD Psychiatry
Dr. Vance Good, MD Internal Medicine/Hospitalist
Dr. Albert Dworkin, MD OB/Gyn
Dr. Richard Huskey, MD Internal Medicine / Geriatrics-Accupuncture-Trad. Chinese Med
Dr. Lori Rinker, DO, Family Practice
Dr. Sanchita Yadalla, MD OB/GYN
Dr. Baogang Xue, Psychiatrist
Dr. Paul K. Simpson, MD Internal Medicine
Dr. Neal Handly , MD Internal Medicine
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No insurance accepted (for buprenorphine treatment)
We will assist you in preauthorization for your prescription coverage and supply necessary documentation to submit claims to your insurer for reimbursement directly to you.