DATA 2000 8 Hour Waiver Qualifying Buprenorphine Training

Development funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse and your activity fee.

Updated October 2016!
Includes changes based on CARA* *Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016

CME/CE Activity Details

Online, Interactive, Case Based

  • Up to 9 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
  • $199 user fee
  • 10 modules, complete at your own pace
  • Developed with funding from NIDA
  • No industry support, pharmaceutical or other
  • 60-day money back guarantee

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"please strongly consider using this program to get your certification for OBOT. it is well worth the $199 cost and you will reap get rewards in terms of your own satisfaction and patient satisfaction by adding this to your practice."

PCP from michigan (8/03/2014)

"I found this training to be thorough, challenging, and essential for providing optimum medical care to my patients."

BupPractice user from VA (7/28/2014)

"Excellent training. Every physician who plans to treat patients for opiate dependency will benefit from this program. I started a buprenorphine practice without the help of anyone but this program and I now have developed a "system" which I plan to use to help other physicians. The success of my practice started by taking this BupPractice program. Thank you."

Dr. DeMara (7/15/2014)

"This is a wonderful program to learn about prescribing buprenorphine. If you have any doubts about your ability to provide this much needed service, this program will prepare you so well that your doubts will vanish."

Primary Care Doc from CT (7/05/2014)

"I found the Program very helpful in learning the basics about properly prescribing Buprenorphine."

Dual Diagnosis Program Admissions' MD from Philadelphia, Psychiatry (6/30/2014)

"This is an excellent and thorough program on Buprenorphine management and opioid treatment. Would definitely recommend this to fellow providers looking to begin treatment."

Family Medicine Doc (6/08/2014)

"Excellent program, includes all the necessary framework to begin treatment of opioid addiction."

ED doc from Portland OR, Emergency Medicine (3/24/2014)

"The BupPractice on-line certification program for attaining the DEA waiver has been a very positive experience. The program was well-organized, and exceptionally well annotated with pertinent bibliography of pdf document downloadable references and guides, tools for implementing in our primary care practice. I feel professionally prepared for expanding our medical practice in this important clinical area of opioid use disorders and effective buprenorphine treatment."

R. Stephen Jennings, MD, FAAFP (3/20/2014)

"Excellent material well presented and easy to implement. Highly recommend"

Dr. Andy Mencia Ft. Lauderdale Fl, Internal Medicine/Geriatrics (03/09/2014)

"This is a great program. The information was interesting and valuable. This is a great place to start for anyone thinking about treating addictions and prescribing Buprenorphine in their practice."

Dr. Joseph Mazzei / Arlington Heights / IL Integrative Medicine (2/25/2014)

"A must for any practicing psychiatrist to better evaluate patients."

Otto Dueno M.D. Dayton, Ohio (1/06/2014)

"This program increased my confidence in both screening for treating and referring my opioid dependent patients."

Semi-rural Doc from Southwestern PA; Pediatrics (9/30/2014)

"This program was outstanding. It was well organized and presented in a way that was easy to follow. I thought the Key Points, FYI, and practice tips were outstanding. But one of the most valuable assets of the program was the list of references and available downloads that were made available."

GG, M.D. Internist, VA (8/12/2014)

"From the pre-clinical information to the logistics of setting up a practice; a painless way to stop and start the modules without fear of losing track and enjoying CME and obtaining the needed Credentials to obtain the waiver."

Emilia Rutigliano, MD, Psychiatry, Psychosomatic medicine (5/21/2014)

"As a solo private practice physician in family medicine I was unsure of adding buprenorphine treatment to my practice, but after completing this course I feel very confident and would highly recommend this course to anyone considering opioid addiction treatment."


"This is one of the best courses on a new subject I have ever encountered. Material is presented concisely and in a logical manner. I feel so much more prepared to offer OBOT using buprenorphine at this point."

Allergist/Internist from Nashville (2/22/2014)